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45 Day Best Shape Of My Life Fitness And Nutrition Challenge:

September 17th at CrossFit Hamilton  $50 buy in.

This Challenge is based on a point system. 

All Participants will be put on a special unlimited

membership during the 45 day challenge.  If your

interested in getting in the best shape of your life

please attend the meeting this Saturday at 9am after

the wod or if you cannot attend please notify a coach

so that you can receive further information about the



Daily Point Breakdown.


Each meal 3 values:

+3 Paleo/Zone Meal

+2 Paleo Meal

+1 Zone Meal

+0 Paleo Meal that includes Dairy

-2 Cheat Meal (not paleo/not zone)

Rule of 5 Bonus Points:

+1 5 Meals a day

+1 Within 5 hours between meals

-1 More than 5 blocks per meal


Exercise Bonus Points:

Every participant will be on an unlimited $99

membership during the challenge.

+20 5+ WOD’s per week ** 4xweek

+10 4 WOD’s a week**3xweek

+0 3 WOD’s a week**2xweek

-10 Fewer than 2 WOD’s per week


More Bonus Points:

+1 64oz of H20

+1 8+ hours of sleep



 +1 veggies plus 2 servings of fruit ( 1 serv/size of fist)

+0 more then 2 servings of fruit but no grain, dairy,


 -1 Cheat meal


 -1 Each alcohol bev (max -5 per day)

-1 No post workout meal

-1 Fewer than 3g of EPA/DHA per day


Earn your money back!!

0-500 Forfeit Cash ($50)

 500-750 (1/2)$ back ($25)

750-1000 All money returned

1000+ All money + T-shirt



Points winner

Most weight lost

Most increased performance (Cindy)






Row (for calories)


Medball Clean #20 #15


SDHP #75 #55



Ring Dips


Slam Ball #20 #10

  1. carl Reply
    Now Hiring. Paleo Challenge Assistant to help me figure out what to do and remember to do it every day. just kidding, Coach. looks great. love the disciplined approach.
  2. tights Reply
    Professor - Tabata's working on his Masters in Quantitative Finance, maybe he can help. If this board is any indicator, I think Timmy may get stuck on "5" points for a while.
  3. Donk Reply
    Dear Carolyn, In an effort to win this competition and get in the best shape of my life, I am going to be extremely dedicated to getting the total 45 points for sleeping more than 8 hours every night. In an effort to do so, I will no longer be assisting in the nightly care of our children between the hours of 10 PM and 6 AM. That will fall entirely on you. In order to fall asleep by 10, I will need to start winding down by 7, so bath time and bedtime are out as well. I know you've always been supportive of me so I don't expect this to be any different. Thanks. Love, Mike
  4. Timmy Reply
    Good luck with that one Donk, if you need a place to crash I have a couch for you
  5. Patty Hensler Reply
    Donk- while I have never met you at the box being a mother of a small child you may want to duck and cover when you give Carolyn this news. Good luck with that one!! What a funny guy!!
  6. Barry Reply
    Donk - I have copied and pasted your post into and email and sent it to my wife. I have not gotten a response but I know she will support me. On another note, does anyone know how to recall email after it has been sent. Thanks in advance for your help.
  7. Stretch Reply
    Again proven that the Women of CFH are much much tougher than the men. Here's to all my CFH Ladies !!!! FYI: Timmy you are included in the ladies
  8. donk Reply
    Listen, I just want to make it clear that this was not an attempt to have me earn more points in this challenge than Carolyn. She will easily be able to make up for the loss in sleep points by not eating the cheat meals that I do and also by getting an extra workout in around 4 AM before she takes the kids to daycare. She'll probably be up anyway with one of the kids. Babe, if you don't mind, could you do those early WODs outside. Our wood floors are noisy and we wouldn't want to wake me up, would we?
  9. Patty H Reply
    FYI-For those busy Mom's (and Dad's) that can't always make it to the box and don't have a gym in their basement) there is a great listing of 92 Crossfit Workouts you can do without equipment starting on page 54 of the September issue of WOD Talk. Enjoy!!
    • Ron Reply
      Good stuff Patty. Thanks!
  10. Barry Reply
    Timmy - since you have jumped groups per Tights, make sure you see me about DHA vs. EPA intake for the challenge.
  11. carl Reply
    Barristo. what's the fish oil calculation website? can't seem to find it. thanks.
  12. Timmy Reply
    Barry WTH are you talking about? And which Timmy are you talking to?
  13. timmy Reply
    Anyone interested, I'm organizing a CFH Fitness Challenge Recipe Exchange every Wednesday AM - bring your secret Paleo cookie recipe, your gluten-free family meal tips, or your Zone lunch suggestions on a 3 x 5 index card. Man I love Wednesdays like Stretch loves turtles!
  14. Silva Reply
    I would like to partake in the challenge, however I am Vegan so I guess I can't, in a way I follow half the Paleo diet because I eat a lot of fruits and veggies but I think I can eat even better, so basically I'd like to do the unlimited for the 45 days and follow a macrobiotic diet. I can't come to the meeting so let me know if I can participate.
  15. Alison Reply
    I won't be able to make the meeting on Saturday either, but is there any chance that I can view it on live streaming video? That way I could check it out while I am at the soccer and softball fields. Would love to have more info on the diet and challenge. Oh, and Mike, Carolyn will win that shirt. No doubt about it. Even on 3 hours of sleep per night and only non-paleo to eat. She rocks.

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