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CFH Meeting will be on Saturday at 9am after the

wod.   We will be discussing upcoming

events, program design, and the 45 day fitness and

nutritional challenge.


45-Day Fitness And Nutritional Challenge will start

on September 17th.


Amrap 30 Minutes


5 Split Jerks #155 #105


10 KBS #53 #35


15 Box Jumps #24 #20


200 Meter run



  1. carl Reply
  2. Tripp Reply
    Timmy you were right...The Soju can be your bestfriend or more importantly your worst enemy. Last saturday night was a prime example.
    • Timmy Reply
      Tripp, Well done! I have a few missing nights as a result of people breaking that stuff out. Hope you're enjoying yourself out there.
  3. tights Reply
    Apparently a few missing mornings too. Today was rough.
  4. Timmy Reply
    Not gonna lie, had to sleep in this morning after a crazy weekend.
  5. Stretch Reply
    Dissapointed in you Timmy, i still answered the bell. Also, today was my one year anniversary at Cross Fit and i can't tell you how happy i am to be a part of this great Community of people. Thanks, and btw who was at 6am this morning. The original group of 3 members who welcomed me, on my first day. Matt, Barry and Tabata, coincidence i think not..they knew.
  6. Timmy Reply
    Strech, I thought we went through this before, I'm Irish Catholic the guilt doesn't work on me I'm immune as a result of years of guilt trips growing up. Seriously congrats man! Had I known you were turing one today I might have made more of an effort to drag my butt out of bed, not saying I would have made it in but there would have been more of an effort.
  7. Barry Reply
    Stretch - you were at the WOD this morning?
  8. Nick Reply
  9. Stretch Reply
    Barry - I think i was there, at least I thought i was
    • Ron Reply
      Congrats Stretch!
  10. carl Reply
    Stretch. proud to be a part of your big day. Barry, Tights. check out this Crossfit Journal video for the footwork and drills we discussed yesterday. Title: Coach Burgener Teaches the Snatch Part 2 in case the link doesn't work. CrossFitJournal_BurgPatSnatch2xj8a
  11. Greg P Reply
    I'm bummed that I won't be able to attend the CFH meeting on Saturday, as I'll be down at the Mud Run that morning. I was actually considering stopping in for the meeting real quick (and even catching the 8am WOD) prior to making my way over to the run, but logistically, it's just very unlikely.
  12. Barry Reply
    All kidding aside Stretch, congrats on your anniversary. I for one am happy that you are part of the community. We forgot to mention this morning that there is a tradition at CFH that all aniversaries are celebrated with 100 burpees followed by Karen. Let me know when you would like to schedule this as I am happy to volunteer my time to be your judge. Tights, since your anniversary is Thursday, maybe you should work out the schedule with Stretch so you can suffer together. For tips, see Tabata as he paid this exact price for his team choking in the Superbowl.
  13. Nick Reply
    Stretch- congrats buddy, definitely something to celebrate. Greg- A few people will miss the meeting due to the Mud Run, but I'll make sure we pass along the main points of the meeting for anyone that can't attend. All this rain should set up that mud run perfectly!

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