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Gym Closed!!

  1. Greg P Reply
    I was going through withdrawal, so I threw together a real quick body-weight WOD. Neglected to time it, but here is nonetheless. 2 Rounds: 50 Air Squat 30 Sit-ups 30 Push-ups 10 Supermans 5 HSPU Nothing crazy, but it got the heart rate up. Hope everyone has a great Labor Day!
  2. Dawn Reply
    Nice Greg. I decided on a 4 mile run on the trails followed by 10 mins of intense hill sprints. Ok, ok, it wasn't Belle Mt sprints by any means, it was just Veteran Park's bunny hill, but still worthy of some labor on this Labor Day. enjoy everyone!
  3. Donk Reply
    Check out the mainsite WOD today. One of the most original and difficult ones I've ever seen on it. No weights involved.
  4. Rich Reply
    Greg, Great WOD. I took a break after lunch and did it. Added in a 80 jumping jacks buy-in, and had to swap 10 dumbbell to overheads in for the 5 hspu as I have no useable wall space.
  5. Beth Reply
    Anyone else still unable to move their arms since Tillman? Ow
  6. Danielle Reply
    You guys are inspiring. I did the house cleaning WOD- for time of course. The buy-in - was to sleep til 9. Hope everyone had a nice holiday :) See you this week! PS. Beth, I think I'm still sore from Barbara... she was rude.
  7. Timmy Reply
    Anyone else but me do the hero WOD, "Heineken" this weekend?
  8. Margo Reply
    I did the Danielle wod..I "cleaned" all day w/ a sprint to Trader Joe's. 5:30pm will be the highlight of my day tomorrow.
  9. Alison Reply
    Thanks Greg, My husband and I thought your WOD was great! Happy Labor Day everyone. Hope to see everyone soon.

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