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Gym will be closed on Sunday and Monday for Labor

Day Weekend.


Eight rounds for max reps of:


75 pound Push press, 20 seconds


Rest 10 seconds


Jumping alternating lunge, 20 seconds

Rest 10 seconds

  1. Atticus Finch Reply
    Dear Diary, Today was another great WOD. Barry foam rolled another hole in the floor. Tights was a curmudgeon as always but he was wearing new gear. He is always the best dressed at CFH. He gave me the stink eye at one point so I tried to stay away from the chalk bowl. Timmy smelled funny; he should have spent a few more minutes "warming up" in his private office. Maybe there was nothing good in the news paper this morning. Here is a list of my favorite things. I like Crossfit, Family Feud, Taxes and Golf. That's all for today. Good night diary. Love, Stretch. P.S. I like turtles.
  2. Atticus Finch Reply
    Dear Diary, Today was another great WOD. I can only express how I feel with the word Joy. It brings me such peace and happiness to workout with everyone at 6am. I especially love when new people visit the class. It is such an enriching experience. I often try to make direct eye contact with all those taking the class with me to show them how appreciated they are. You know what they say, “staring is caring.” I wish even more people would join us in the morning. That is all for today, I have to get a load of gear out of the dryer so I have a full range of choices for my next workout. Peace and love, Tights. P.S. I promise that tomorrow I will not be Barry’s b*tch. This time I mean it.
  3. Atticus Finch Reply
    Dear Diary, As I sit here this morning, in the solitude of “the office”, I am struck with how pleasant the aroma of stale cigarettes and beer is. It envelopes me like a warm hug from last night. I need a hug, that’s for sure. Especially after the look I got from Tight’s this morning. Anyway, I think they are getting ready to start the WOD out there so I need to wrap it up. Besides, I only have yesterdays paper and it is boring. Whiskey Tango Foxtrot, no TP. Not again! Timmy, Over and Out.
  4. tights Reply
    First there were 2 Timmys. Then there were 2 Detective Rons, or 1 attempted Detective Ron. As I will freely admit that "tights" may be the furthest thing from a cool nickname, not really following why someone else would want it. Goodnight Diary. Tights, Sr.
  5. Dawn Reply
    omg, I am falling off my chair reading these posts! classic morning crew chatter. I have got to attempt getting to another 6am class to experience this craziness first hand....wait, on second thought......probably best to stay far far away. keep 'em coming Atticus!
  6. Tights, Sr. Reply
    Dear Diary- I'm sincerely apprecaitive of our highly trained, armed forces. Always ready. Always prepared. After 10+ years of active duty, the senior officer of our morning crew, Timmy, was in his "office" when he was surprised by the enemy - i mean empty TP roll.....AGAIN..... always prepared, sir, always prepared... Goodnight Diary
  7. Little Johnny Reply
    Dear Diary, I wish i was taller, i wish i was taller, i wish i was taller. Oh and i wish Barry had hair. Goodnight Diary Joe Tabata
  8. Greg P... AKA: Tremor, AKA: Doc, AKA: Detective Ron the Third Reply
    My apologies for breaking up the string of hilarious comments going on today, but I need to interject as I have a quick question. I want to get in on Fight Gone Bad 6 with you guys. Is that possible? Do I need to first prove myself in any particular manner? Like...wear more tights than Tights. Sacrifice more blood, sweat, & tears to the office than Timmy? Have a more reflective cranium than Barry? I don't know...anything like that? I am pretty sure there is no minimum on the fund raising, but if someone could confirm that, it would be appreciated. Furthermore, are there any registration fees? If anyone could provide me with any additional information, I would be forever indebted. Thanks!
  9. Timmy Reply
    Tremor - Anyone at CFH can participate, you just need to purchase a diary from Stretch and make a cash donation to the Joseph Tabata Foundation for the Cure of General Malaise. And bring a roll of TP.
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