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CFH Meeting will be held on Saturday the 10th.  Fight

Gone Bad and the start of our paleo challenge will be

 on Saturday the 17th.  Further information will be

 coming soon.


A1.  Back Squat 5-5-5-5-5

  1. Rich Reply
    Yeah! Let's start 9/1/11 off right with some squats.
  2. Tripp Reply
    I am curious, is this particular meeting on Sat. regarding the behavior of the "Morning Crew". Specifically regarding Barry's Alpha male motives, Stretch and Timmy's amazing birth of "shit talking" or Tights daily lunch money theft? or is it just about the gym as a whole? Also why doesnt anyone else comment on here hahaha, just the morning crew. Im telling you, those band of boys are taking over CFH. MORNING CREW NEVER DIES!
    • Timmy Reply
      The morning crew can only multiply. We are currently taking applications for additional members if anyone dares.
    • Rich Reply
      Tripp, I have to take offense. I post on here and I am not one of the “Morning Crew” sociopaths.
      • Timmy Reply
        Hey we're all fairly well adjusted, productive members of society
  3. hamilton Reply
    Journals are in for the gym and they are sweet!!
  4. tights Reply
    Strecth wanted a diary, not a workout journal.
  5. Timmy Reply
    He also said something about hoping the front cover was adorned with a unicorn.
  6. Stretch Reply
    Tripp the morning crew is taking over CFH. U taught us well Timmy I would like a pink unicorn and a rainbow on my CFH diary

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