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2 Rounds For Time:


800 Meter Run (4 Laps)


25 SDHP #95 #65


50 Sit-ups

  1. Barry Reply
    Tripp - it just occurred to me what you were talking about yesterday. Sorry for being so slow. As to the outcome, I am still in the same spot as we discussed. No better, no worse. It is a riddle wrapped in an enigma. Stay gold.
  2. Stretch Reply
    Barry- i was hoping for a scallop wrapped in bacon instead
  3. Barry Reply
    Stretch - too bad you missed this morning we actually had scallops wrapped in bacon for the post WOD meal. You snooze, you lose.
  4. Stretch Reply
    Barry How's the power situation? I thought of you last night while i was watching tv, while surfing the internet, listening to music from my stereo, while i was using the refrigerator to chill a drink, under a nice glow of many lights.
  5. Timmy Reply
    Yikes, Stretch opening up with both barrels
  6. Barry Reply
    A) I enjoyed my evening Stretch. When I was done struggling to put together a toy for my son, I went to sleep (instead of watching some Family Feud marathon) which enabled me to wake up on time for the morning class; and 2) the power came back on yesterday at 10am but thank you for concern nonetheless. Good day!
  7. Stretch Reply
    About time Barry, i didn't know how much longer i could pay my PSE&G contact to keep you without power !! Seriously, i'm glad your back to the modern age.
  8. Timmy Reply
    I would like to personally congratulate Barry on his re-acquisition of electrical power, mainly due to his renewed ability to shower. After the stank from yesterday I decided to skip this morning's WOD because I recently had to turn in my gas mask. I feared for my personal well being.
  9. Barry Reply
    Timmy, Timmy, Timmy..... in the words of Apollo Creed, "Ding...Ding"
  10. Timmy Reply
    I wonder if that means there will be ramifications for my previous statement
  11. Joe Tabata Reply
    Stretch: Kindly review your 7th grade English notes and learn how to use contractions.

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