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A1.  Bench Press 5RM


A2.  3 Minute Amrap.


3 Burpees/3 Pull-ups

*Add total rounds and reps in 3 minutes.

  1. Stretch Reply
    Just a big thank you to my fellow morning crew, you guys never fail to entertain and provide a great place to go at 6am to work out. Also to any 6am visitors thanks for your bravery for stepping into the Twilight Zone
  2. Tripp Reply
    Hope it was a great success Barry????
  3. Barry Reply
    Thanks Tripp! I have know idea what you are talking about.
  4. tights Reply
    Barry- Was that the real Detective Ron this morning or the other Detective Ron? Been trying to figure it out all day.
  5. Joe Tabata Reply
    Tights: That's why he's a detective. He's obviously undercover so you'll never know. I like how he sometimes morphs into a tattooed dwarf.
  6. Bryan Reply
    Well that's not nice =*0/ What did I ever do to you Tabata!
  7. Ron Reply
    Thanks for the warm welcome fellas. I am stuck working a double and will not get off till 0800 so I will not be back in the twilight zone until Thursday morning. LOL
  8. Joe Tabata Reply
    Cripes Bryan, who the heck said I was talking about you? Now back to Tosh.

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