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3 Rounds For Time


400 Meter run


21 KBS #53 #35


12 Thrusters #95 #65

  1. Greg P Reply
    Warning: Barry's home is without electricity until September 4th. Therefore, any post to this board by his name should be completely ignored until that time, as it is likely by an imposter. On a separate note, I don't understand Tights's nickname. The guy never wears tights. Very strange. Also, just want to say that I'm psyched to be joining here at CFH. You guys rock. Thanks for welcoming me aboard.
  2. Donk Reply
    Greg, Tights was on his High School pep/dance team which required him to wear tights on multiple occasions. Thats where the nickname came from. We called him "Leotards" for a while but Tights just seamed to work better.
  3. tights Reply
    Jeez Donk....You've held that 'stink eye' grudge for a long time. BTW - it was college.
  4. Tripp Reply
    Buy the new Red Hot Chili Peppers album immediately. Comes out for you guys tomorrow. Do work. AMAZINNGGG
  5. Barry Reply
    Three hour drive to work only to end up at home. If you recall my post from Friday, you will recognize the price I am now paying for my insolence. This is the verified Barry and did I mention I have no power?
  6. tights Reply
    More things I learned about Stretch today. Upon learning of Barry's lack of power (at home, not at the box) this weekend he CONSIDERED extending an offer to the Peterson family for a homecooked meal, TV, and possibly use of Internet. Barry's phone never rang.
  7. Stretch Reply
    Congrats to Tripp who's in a relationship in Korea. I hope it wasn't one of his students, i guess they'll do anything to get out of homework.
  8. carl Reply
    Greg. you'll have to wait for cooler weather to witness the Tights-ness. Donk. can't stop laughing about Tights alternative nickname, 'Tards.
  9. Barry Reply
    Yes, that conversation this morning was classic morning crew but you Tights took the prize with the description of Coach hooking the C2 rower up to the house and setting a PR on the 400,000 meter row to keep his groceries cold.
  10. Timmy Reply
    Holy Crap! I clearly missed a lot this morning. I'll see the morning crew tomorrow!
  11. Stretch Reply
    Tights was definitely in rare form, knocking it out of the park 20 seconds into arriving. I think Irene brought out the best of him
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