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A1.  Weighted Pull-ups 5-5-5-5-5

**If you do not have weighted pull-ups perform 3-4

 sets of 10 strict pull-ups or ring rows.


A2.  Row 1 minute on 1 minute off X 10


** Patner up if rowers are limited. 

  1. Tripp Reply
    So I went for a walk today....with the ill ipod (80's blasting of course). Happened to find a gym called "total Fitness" literally 100 yards from my place. Walked in and saw a few Korean national soccer plays walk past me before this huge and in shape Korean monster came up to me and was like "Whats up?" Told him what I was looking for etc. Negotiating took place....we both got what we wanted. With that being said..... 1. I am 100 percent three days a week going to be lifting with my cut off jean jacket on 2. I will give it 2 months before I heavly persuade them to turn into a Crossfit facility. 3. My front squat will most likely be 700pds 5 rep max. Train hard everyday. They honor that here. Annyeonghi Gyeseyo (goodbye), Tripp
  2. Danielle Reply
    Tripp! I love your enthusiasm. Please also make sure that you have those young gray sweatpants and the teal slip-ons. They go phenominally with the cut off jean jacket. Taking over Korea one gym at a time... Be well!
  3. Barry Reply
    "negotiating took place....we both got what we wanted" Really Tripp? Really? If anyone is bored this weekend, trapped inside, looking for things to do. Commenting on this statement should provide hours of entertainment. Great crew this morning people just lifting heavy things working on skills. I love Saturday's. Detective Ron and the Canadian Connection were hitting it hard. Tremor and Patty killed it as well. Nick and I just flooded the place testing the theory of whether it was possible to drown in your own sweat. Based on a few puddles I left I think the answer is indeed you can.
  4. Greg P Reply
    Ha! I just realized that I'm Tremor. I read through Barry's post twice and was all depressed because I wasn't cool enough to be mentioned. Tights was calling me "Doc" the other morning, so it's tough to keep up with you guys. I guess you're all still ironing out my permanent nickname. Also, Barry, really man? You're going to leave out the best part? A big congrats to Barry, who set a new PR snatch at 160# AFTER completing this morning's WOD. Damn solid. Nice work!
  5. carl Reply
  6. Barry Reply
    Thanks Doc ney Tremor. We will work it out. In any event, your snatch is still nicer than mine and heavier too. Are you back Professor? I hope so, don't want you stranded in the land of grunge and coffee any longer than necessary. I did leave out Bryan who also had a PR this morning but I am not sure as to which weight and which exercise. Either way a lot of weight was put overhead so congrats to him as well.
  7. tights Reply
    Not sure what's going on in Korea or if Tripp wasn't just a nick name, but more of an alter-ego: Big Korean dude meets Tripp in a gym, 'negotiations took place', possibly in a locker room, and 'we both got what we wanted'.... Where to begin? Tabata, make a cameo appearance here and help us out.
  8. Dawn Reply
    last call for the McGuire Mud Run happening on Sept 10th - Registration Closing Date is tomorrow Sunday, August 28, 2011 @ 11:59 PM congrats on the PRs guys! Tripp, you're a trip! Keep those posts comin.
    • Greg P Reply
      Dawn, I'm already signed up for the run. However, I signed up as a team with a few classmates prior to getting started here at CFH. So I will definitely see you all there. Also, don't tell them, but I am still attempting to devise a plan in which I can run with you guys in addition to (or instead of) them. Gotta represent CFH!
  9. Tripp Reply
    Barry it is 3am here. However, I will say in regards to the negotiatiing....I have learned well from your lawyer insights. More or less, I got what I wanted. Continue to keep the deadlift 1rep max high brother.
  10. Bryan Reply
    Am I Detective Ron?
  11. Tripp Reply
    hahahhahaha it is amazing how only the morning crew rifles back. Tights im surprised you took time off from shoving Timmy into the lockers and stealing tabatats lunch money to comment. Morning Crew Never Dies.
  12. Barry Reply
    Do you want to be detective Ron? Ron was the new guy from Jay's gym.
  13. Stretch Reply
    Can you imagine Tripp and his Technicolor Shorts in a Korean gym. Man i wish i could see that.
  14. carl Reply
    Barristo. Back from Seattle, after an overnight stay in SeaTac Airport waiting on my connecting flight from Anchorage. Business trip highly successful, but return trip sucked. Anyone headed to Bellevue WA, I highly recommend Crossfit Amped. Great folks and no drop in charge. I worked out three times for free and got my first muscle up while I was there! Trippster, I'm afraid to engage in the analysis of your negotiation post, but I hope you are proudly sporting your 70s Big T shirt, which, if there is a god, would make you an object of worship in the Hermit Kingdom. Looking forward to getting back in the Morning Groove on Tuesday. Everyone be safe this weekend.
  15. Barry Reply
    Stretch - apparently all you need to do is negotiate with Tripp and you can both get what you want.
  16. Bryan Reply
    Yeah, I realized who you meant a little later on. Just didn't click at first because he just did open gym and wasn't in class. And if Carl can be Professor, I don't see why I can't be Detective Ron!
  17. Barry Reply
    If we call you detective Ron, what do we call the actual Detective Ron? Professor, huge congrats on the muscle up!

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