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Db Ground To Overhead #35 #25


Box Jump #24 #20


Wall Ball Shots #20 #15

  1. Greg P Reply
    I'll tell ya, the 6am CFH women are no joke. Today, one of them decided to incorporate a "stop, drop, & roll" off of the top of her box immediately following a box-jump. She instantaneously popped back up and kept on WOD'ing. 100% badass! Unlike me, who acted as though his leg was removed with a rusty spoon when I missed my box-jump last week, and then proceeded to milk it by limping around for the next 20 minutes. Ugh...the shame.
  2. Dawn Reply
    CFH women = warriors
  3. Barry Reply
    If I leave now I can make the 5pm WOD. If I leave now I will get a beat down from my boss monday for stuff that did not get done. If I leave now I may be inundated all weekend by email asking me why it did not get done. Lack of preparation on their part does not constitute an emergency on mine. See you at 5 CFH
  4. Karin Reply
    Greg-- I normally never comment here but feel like I must! You just made my weekend! First Dave yells to me "get up girl" when I fell--no one has referred to me as a girl in about 25 years--and then you call me a badass!?!??!? My head is so big right now that I may not be able to fit into the CFH door on Monday....

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