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A1.  Snatch Balance 5 X 1


A2.  Snatch 5 X 2


A3.  Back Squat 3 X 3

  1. Barry Reply
    I suffer from too much horizontal hip thrust, I need to get more vertical.
  2. Stretch Reply
    That's like setting a ball on a tee. But...i will pass
  3. Greg P Reply overuse of the horizontal hip thrust could perhaps be due to an inefficient and ineffective motion, ultimately resulting in a sub-par performance. If that's the case, I've heard that they've actually developed a supplemental to aid those who are struggling. Not sure if it's Games standards, but you should look into it. Yea. I love Tee-Ball.
  4. Timmy Reply
    Stretch you're still around? I thought you might have gone into hiding. Barry, I think a vertical hip thrusting is the least of your problems.

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