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5 Rounds for time


100m Sprint


10 Power Clean#95 #65


100m Sprint


10 Burpees



  1. Greg P Reply
    Jumper absolutely crushed it this morning! Barry, Timmy, Tights, and Stretch were also damn solid (hopefully I remembered everyone). That 6am is a tough crew! By the way, is it weird that I know more nicknames than actual names at this point? Ah, probably not. At least I'm not blowing up anyone's spot and ruining relationships on their Facebook page...yet.
  2. Timmy Reply
    Greg, Great showing this morning. I definitely learned not to post anything on Jumper's Facebook page.
  3. Barry Reply
    Greg - you are an animal. Welcome to the morning crew. In reality, those guys were pretty tame. It is usually a no holds barred verbal assault before and after the WOD. You did well with the names too. We do need to monitor the whereabouts of Stretch for a while to make sure no one disappears him.
  4. carl Reply
    greetings from Seattle, mon amis. bet Tights was all over those sprints. nicknames are better, Greg, less liability in the long run. hold you final opinion on the M.C. till you meet Joe Tabata.
  5. Stretch Reply
    Just letting everybody know Stretch had nothing to do with the earthquake.
    • Barry Reply
      We will need more than your word on that Stretch
  6. coach Reply
    Just felt the earthquake at the Golden Dawn. Thought it was my double bacon and guacamole burger goin off in the kitchen. 1lb of beef baby!
  7. tights Reply
    Could Greg's AM performance have triggered the earthquake, or his new nickname? I miss a single Monday and get bumped down the depth chart. Welcome to the Morning Crew Greg! Impressive.
  8. Barry Reply
    Quake Quaker Shaker Shock Schocker or my favorite - Tremor Any other suggestions Tights? I believe you are on to something for Greg. Something will stick.
  9. Stretch Reply
    Agreed Greg's performance was impressive. I think the battle between him and Jumper this morning was great stuff. Great work Greg and all the rest of the Crew. Barry - i like Tremor. I will leave it up to you and Tights to solidify something.
  10. tights Reply
    Wish Tripp were here. Where's Tabata? They'd already have assigned something to Greg whether he liked it or not ("tights" wouldn't have been my first choice). From the list, I'm inclined to go with either Quake or Tremor, but nothing about his performance this AM resembled a light tremor.

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