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” Barbara “


5 Rounds


20 Pull-ups


30 Push-ups


40 Sit-ups


50 Air Squats


Rest 3 minutes between each round.

  1. Tripp Reply
    Hello my young Crossfit Hamilton elite athletes, It is I the one you call Tripp, and to the Koreans "Golden Hair boy". I know it is about 3:45am in the states, it is 7:40pm in the land of dreams. I am sure either the professor or DLB will be up in a few hours to coach those maniacs they call "the morning crew". I miss the mornings. If any of you get the chance fly Asiana Airlines, maybe Niko can relate to this, because he has been to Korea and I was sitting with a few military on the flight. Even though the flight is 11 hrs, it is so rad. I watched three American movies that are not even out on DVD yet in the states on your own personal TV. The seats recline amazingly, and they legit feed you full course meals every two hours on actually dishes and glsses. They even give you slippers so you can take your shoes off. It is a Korean custom here to always do that, Ive only been here for 24hrs and I am already doing that where ever I go or even in my own place. Honestly, even though I am in a major city. I feel like I am in a setting from Karate Kid II. The place is so gnarly, and the people are extremely friendly. More importantly, there is a 45 second walk from my place to a gym/bowling alley. Not only can I work on my crossfit, but I will be an all world bowler. I also plan on learning martial arts in which case I will return to 1. Completely be the victor in any sort of fight against Scott or Football and 2. So I can compete in the All-Valley Karate Championships yearly. I miss all of you guys and I wish you the best of luck at CFH. GETTTTT STRONGGGGGGGGG. I plan on being home during Christmas, only if I am not traveling. Keep it real always and Dave rip it up in your Bay race today and all this month. Tripp P.S. What up Turbo Durbo
  2. Jay Reply
    Sounds awesome Tripp! Good to hear from you. Good luck!
  3. Timmy Reply
    Tripp, Great to hear you made it safe and sound to Soule! Enjoy your time there brother, rest assured the morning crew is still kicking with the occasional guest from night court. Be safe, have fun and watch the Soju that stuff will knock even the most experienced drinkers on their butts.
  4. Stretch Reply
    Tripp !!!! Glad your fitting in well in your new surroundings. Morning crew is lifting heavy things and keeping up with it's overall bad reputation. Stay gnarly. On another issue, felt so bad leaving after only 3 rounds, congrats to Barry and Timmy who were still crushing as i left. Safe travels for the Professor as well.
  5. Barry Reply
    Glad you made it safe Trip. Sounds like you are getting settled quickly. Make the most of your experience. Stay Gold Pony.
  6. carl Reply
    great to hear from you, Trippster. glad to know you had a safe trip and a positive start. already assigned Jean Claude aka JC as your new karate nickname, unless you prefer Van Damn! koniche wa
  7. Dawn Reply
    Deadline to sign up for the McGuire Mud Run is Aug 28th, this Sunday. Sign up for the 9/10/11 race, 10 am heat, team Crossfit Hamilton if you would like to join us!
    • Ron Reply
      Hey Dawn. I am joining in a week. Katye posted that CFH has a Tough Mudder Team. Do you know what day they are running. The time slots for the McGuire Mudrun are filled. Thanks, Ron
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