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CFH Community Gathering September 10th. 


CFH Paleo Challenge September 17th.    


1 min. on 1 min. off X 3




Box Jump #24 #20 ( Jump up step down)


Sit-up (feet anchored)


Anyway from shoulder to overhead #95 #65

  1. Jay Reply
    Hey Dave...I contacted the folks a Mini Mac a while back...they were supposed to get back to me with a delivery price and never did...let me know if you guys place an order...
  2. carl Reply
    Coach. looking forward to the meeting and challenge. not sure what time of day you are planning, but, FYI, Jane and I are unavailable on the afternoon and evening of the 10th.
  3. Paula Reply
    Coach, did my first travel wod today! 3x push ups, weighted sit ups, db thrusters, began &finished with a 400m run. It was kinda awesome :)
  4. hamilton Reply
    Good job, Paula !
  5. Bryan Reply
    Also looking forward to the community gathering!

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