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A1.  Power Clean 3-3-3-3-3-3


A2.  20-16-10


Toes To Bar



  1. Timmy Reply
    Anybody wanna do belle mountain runs on Sunday?
  2. Dawn Reply
    Timmy,I am in. I think Beth and Jen wanted to go to. I was thinking around 8 or 8:30 am. Does that time work? Let me text them and see if they are still a go.
  3. Timmy Reply
    something tells me that there is another Timmy out there that I wasn't aware of
  4. Greg P Reply
    Great job at the 12:00 WOD, everybody! Thanks for letting me jump in with you guys. Dave, I was thinking about that badass Cobb Salad the entire drive home. I was starving when I walked in the house! (Took me 35 minutes to get home. That's the quickest yet.)
  5. coach Reply
    Greg, TKO on that cobb salad brother. Gonna check out the mini mac site for the box. Great job today.
  6. Timmy Reply
    Yeah 8 or 830 works for me
  7. Bryan Reply
    Glad you made it in again Chris. I'll be coaching tomorrow and Monday, hope to see you in.
  8. Beth Reply
    I can't make it this Sunday but I am in for next Sunday or even next Saturday. Have fun without me. It's a great workout!

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