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This Sunday’s 10 am class will be canceled for

this week.  Sorry for any inconvenience.


” Nancy “


5 Rounds For Time:


400 meter run ( 2 laps )


15 OHS #95 #65

  1. Stretch Reply
    The morning crew is losing one of its charter members for a few months. We'll miss you Trooper Nick, stop by and see us sometime !!!
  2. Barry Reply
    Be well Nick. Come back soon.
  3. Timmy Reply
    It was great working out with Trooper Nick over the past several months, looking forward to the fall when he can hopefully make it back.
  4. carl Reply
    Trooper Nick on sabbatical and Coach Tripp headed overseas, we are definitely going through major changes. Fear not. wherever you are in this great big mixed up world, you can always pause at 6am, feel the love, and share the power of the Morning Crew. It's cosmic.
    • Nick C Reply
      Thanks dudes!! It's been a real pleasure working out at CFH. Although everyone there is pretty awesome, the morning crew is truly the land of misfit toys. You guys actually made it fun to wake up at 0530 to get your ass kicked. I never thought I could find such great camaraderie from a gym. To the coaches (especially Dave, Carl and Tripp, if you're out there) -- thanks for everything you've shown/taught me. I'm really hoping this is only a short-term absence for myself. Keep working hard everyone and I hope I see most of you at the Tough Mudder in November (I know I've signed up already!!).
  5. Jay Reply
    I assume you guys have seen Pg 41 of the August issue of WOD Talk???
  6. Barry Reply
    never even heard of it Jay but now that I have looked at the website, i am thinking about subscribing. First, is it worth it and second, what does it say on page 41?
  7. Stretch Reply
    I just checked it out..never heard of it either. Barry it doesn't really need any words
  8. donk Reply
    You guys know that our own Bryan Ohr took that picture and submitted it to the magazine. Another one of his pics is further back. Also check out the new paleo magazine. I subscribed. Still waiting for my issue.
  9. Stretch Reply
    did see that Donk, the Paleo magazine is awesome
  10. Barry Reply
    I have been holding off on the paleo mag, hoping to see an issue on a rack somewhere to try it out first. Congrats Bryan on get the pictures in. I will definitely check them out.
  11. Barry Reply
    I also apologize for being an idiot. It was only just now that I realized WOD talk is a FREE subscription.
  12. Jay Reply
    Hey Guys...I figured since Bryan took the picture you guys knew about it...yea Barry it will only cost you the time it takes to read it...seems to be coach and athlete blogs reprinted for the magazine...I just found it myself...I'll have to check out the paleo mag...just had my first taste of grassfed beef last broil...not kids couldn't stand the smell...hopefully the smell was normal...LOL
  13. Jay Reply
    Hey can buy single copies of Paleo Mag online to check it out before you subscribe for $6.99...I just bought the latest issue...your welcome to it when I am done...
  14. Bryan Reply
    Thanks guys! Dawn told me about the magazine, so I have her to thank!
  15. Barry Reply
    This free subscription has cost me forty bucks already. And I am not even half way through it. So many adds played on every one of my weaknesses.

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