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10 minute amrap.


10 Deadlifts #155 #115


10 Bar facing burpees


50 Meter sprint (to fence and back)

  1. Dawn Reply
    good luck Coach Dave and Coach Nick in your competitions this weekend! kill it CFH style!
  2. Silva Reply
    Dude! I've been trying to wake up every day for the 6 am, just couldn't and now I see it was a deadlift Day, love those dang deadlifts! Good luck guys! :)
  3. Beth Reply
    Have great races guys! Have fun!
  4. Jay Reply
    Hey Guys...what do Dave and Nick have this weekend? Miss working out at CFH...hope to start making it there again a couple times a month in September once I go to really appreciate the Coaches and the community at CFH when you are absent for an extended period..

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