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A special thanks goes out to the Cortina family for

inviting me over to their beautiful home in Harvey

 Ceaders on Saturday night and to Leslie for cooking

such an amazing meal.



3 Rope Climbs


9 Power Cleans #135 #95


500 meter row


2 rope climbs


6 power cleans #155#105


300 meter row


1 rope climb


3 power cleans #185#135


100 meter row


  1. Barry Reply
    Great workout this morning but the post work out shower was incredibly painful. 1,000 burns up your leg is not fun. Screw the heat and dress accordingly!
  2. Timmy Reply
    Great to be back with the morning crew again, not great to be back to work.
  3. Stretch Reply
    Great to have you back Timmy !! Barry, awesome rope climb !! Nick great power cleans !!

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