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The 12pm class is canceled for today.  Sorry for the



30 Slam Balls #20 #10


20 Push-ups


10 Calorie row


** Rest 2 minutes X 5 sets or partner up and alternate

for 10 rounds total.

  1. carl Reply
    Stretch and Trooper Nick setting the standard this morning? Where's the Nite Club?
  2. carl Reply
    btw, Coach. to get back to your food prep suggestions yesterday. I highly recommend Trader Joe's sweet potato bisque for those who aren't too strictly paleo. I am terrible about food prep and rely a lot on frozen veggies and fruits. They have several soups I wouldn't touch, but the SPB is excellent.
  3. carl Reply
    since I'm on a roll, I'll keep talking to myself. R.I.P. Bubba Smith, one of the greatest to play the game now and forever.
  4. Stretch Reply
    Professor i'll talk to you Great WOD this morning, enjoyed working with Trooper Nick as my partner. Bummed not to see any of the night club there. i guess it was just a one day invasion. Bubba Smith was before my time, but he also acted too, so multi talented. Isn't that two actor/NFL players to pass away recently??
  5. tights Reply
    Sorry I couldn't join my morning compares today, but Trooper Nick might have been back in his car on his way home before I finished the WOD. That cat is fast. Professor - we need to schedule the Golden Dawn Parking Lot WOD 2 before the summer is over.
  6. Stretch Reply
    We missed you Tights. Nick was on fire, i would just get off the rower and it would be my time to go already !!!
  7. carl Reply
    you don't have to ask me twice to go to a Jersey diner, Tights. I think we ought to let Stretch program the pre-bacon omelette wod.
  8. Barry Reply
    R.I.P. Hightower...Sorry you felt so alone Professor.
  9. carl Reply
    it's ok, Bar. I am stronger for it.
  10. Barry Reply
    Is there something wrong with me? That is rhetorical so keep it to yourself morning crew. My point is that the most excited I have gotten today is when I found a five gallon bucket of coconut oil on sale for $250.00. That is only $6.25 a pint. It's the greatest sale ever. I am not normal. Again, zip it morning crew!
  11. carl Reply
    Barristo. I'm afraid to ask where you got it.

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