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 Can’t get in to a box for a WOD when you’re out of

 town?  Sarah jumps out of planes. 



Did the CrossFit Games live up to your expectations?

What events or movements would you have included

 and do you think that would change the outcome?

What is the most important component of fitness?


5 Rounds For Time:


5 Muscle Ups


10 Deadlifts #245 #175


15 Sit Ups


200 Meter Run (1 lap)

  1. Timmy Reply
    Does this count as a travel WOD? Multiple jack and cokes and multiple beers + 50 pushups, 50 crunches and run from the OD to 62nd st in Sea Isle City. Please advise
  2. Timmy Reply
    PS I'm on vacation
  3. Joe Tabata Reply
    Seriously, what the hell has happened to this board? We used to talk about honey badgers and post innuendo. Now all I read about are softball throws and three legged races. You people have to pick up your friggin game. *Side note to Timmy. Most people have a special guy or lady they call after a night of drinking. Booty posting on your gym's website is frowned upon in most places except for three counties in Georgia. PS There are boxes in Avon and Point Pleasant you lush.
  4. Barry Reply
    First of all, who is Timmy? Secondly, I will refrain from any further softball references and generally speak about the games. Overall the games for me were a let down. The athletes were great as always but there seemed to be less juice this year. It is possible that the scoring change had an impact on that. I know mathematically the scoring was supposed to make it better but last year you had know idea who the winner was going to be until the closing ceremony. With that said, Rich Fronning dominated, so either way it may have been the same vibe. Personally, it was a let down because Mikko and Orlando were out. I think both would have been in contention and may have added to the excitement. As far as overall programming, I thought it was good. Last year was much better. Of course, a few of the events were awesome. The final event was genius the way it was partitioned. My biggest complaint was the viewing experience. We all had streaming problems and that simply ruined the weekend for me. I stopped trying by mid day Saturday. But it goes beyond technical difficulties although I do not give a pass to HQ on that since this is the second year streaming and they should have been better prepared. The starkest difference from last year was the lack of commentary during the events. You had to rely on the field announcer to figure out what was going on. Last year they had a desk of revolving athletes that commented through out the events as well as before and after. Their analysis, in hindsight, was critical to the viewing experience. I should point out that I am blocked by my cable company from using ESPN3 so I do not know if that would have made it better, I doubt it. I could go on and on (stop shaking your head in agreement; I know I am long winded). My final point is that the length of the season overall may have had an impact on the excitement of the games. With the sectionals being so long, it became a significant investment of time as a fan, let alone an athlete. Then we had regionals and finally the games. I think everyone was a little burned out. At the end of the day, I still think this will be a big sport in the future and eventually will be on regular ESPN or some other network. As for this year, it was a let down however; I will still look to next year’s season with as much excitement as I have in the past.
  5. Danielle Reply
    I think we can all agree that the games would have been better if Dave was there. The End. Other than that, I agree with Barry, the viewing situation was a nightmare, but how cool was the Killer Kage? When are we getting monkey-bars at the box!?
  6. Barry Reply
    I forgot to answer the last question. The most important components of fitness are nutrition and variance.
  7. Stretch Reply
    For all you non lawyers i will summarize Barry's ramblings in bullet points - He liked last year's games better - He couldn't watch the games properly without sound and needs a better internet service That's pretty much it I'm trying to catch up on the games and see what i missed. i will post a very brief synopsis once i digest. CPA vs Lawyer To the point vs Long winded Sorry Barry..your profession :)
  8. donk Reply
    Loved the games this year. Watching on ESPN3 was awesome. Great camera work and the color commentary was great, besides heather bergerons Mrs. Obvious statements. Its ashame you couldn't watch ESPN Barry. It would have made all the differnce. I liked the programming, and I liked the addirtion of the skills competition. I don't think it would have mattered what you added to the mix, the two fittest people came out on top. The most important part of fitness is going out and enjoying it. Its great just to be in shape, but if you're not using it what's the point.
  9. Barry Reply
    Keep dancing on the mine field Stretch.
  10. Stretch Reply
    ha ha Barry !! Did get to watch some of the games, i'm not as knowledgable about the athletes performing as some of you, but to me. I think that some of the "Skills" competitions were a little bit gimmacky. I think they would have been much better off sticking to the traditional WODs. However, those guys and girls are amazing and i was in awe of the top performers of our sport.
  11. Timmy Reply
    I'm Timmy, but I didn't write that
  12. Timmy Reply
    No I'm Timmy
  13. Jen Reply
    Unfortunately I didn't get a chance to see any of the games. I did, however, just see one clip and saw some fat , non-athletic people in the crowd. Must be baseball players.
  14. Rich Reply
    How about DODGEBALL !?! Wouldn't that test all the aspects of fitness? I think I would rather do last night's WOD twice in a row, instead of having Orlando throwing at me.
  15. Beth Reply
    I'm missing a ring I wore to the box tonight. Took it off when I got there. Anyone see it or hock it for larabars?
  16. Joe Tabata Reply
    Note to Danielle: When people write "the end" it means they are to their final thought and are going to stop writing. "The end" goes at the end of the paragraph, not the middle. Carry on. The End
  17. Joe Tabata Reply
    Stretch: Oh how I love when you dress down Barrito.
  18. Danielle Reply
    Save it, Tabata.

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