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10 Air Squats


15 Sit-ups


20 Double Unders

  1. donk Reply
    @Barry and Brett from yestererday. I definitely understand your points with the softball throw, but that event was fairly unimportant in the long haul as it was 1/3 of 1 out of 9 events. I agree that the risk of injury was fairly high with a max effort throw without a proper warmup, and that is the plrimary reason that i have a problem with it, not because it is not an athletic movement. As far as your clinically obese softball teamates, those guys are athletes in they're own right. They are not fit, but they are athletes. I know that we all want to believe that crossfit will be the next nascar, but lets be honest, the only people watching and picking this apart are idiots like us, who will sit for 9 hours watching a shitty choppy video stream just to watch other people work out.
  2. Barry Reply
    Do you think the addition of a softball throw and a swim or even the cycling have something to do with marketing? Forget my opposition to the throw since I have no trepidation about the other two "movements" I mentioned. But do you think this is a way for Reebok to cross market their gear for other sports? I still have seen virtually none of the events so I do not know what they were wearing, but if they were wearing cleats or cycling shoes by reebok then I think there is a bigger issue here. Reebok has made a huge deal about the gear they gave all of the athletes and this is a showcase for them as an apparel company.
  3. Leslie Reply
    Great Sunday morning in LBI WOD! Thanks, Coach.
  4. Donk Reply
    Not much marketing when it came to the swim or the bike. The bike was not made by Reebok, and no cleats were worn. As far as the swim goes, Reebok did not know about it before it was announced. They were actually a little upset because they said they would have had swim gear for the athletes who did not have any. I don't like the fact that athletes can only were Reebok gear during competitions, but I understand it because they are putting out the prize money.
  5. Bryan Reply
    Regarding the softball throw, you do realize you're arguing that it is an injury prone and therefore unsafe movement, yet nothing has been mentioned about the 200m ocean swim, which for some athletes was their first time swimming in an ocean, heavy dead lifts performed at high repetition or the 20 foot rope climbs without any sort of crash pads, harness, spotter or safety from last year. Even missing a rep pm a double under hurts if you whip yourself, so I hardly believe throwing a soft ball should be on the top of anyones unsafe movement lift. Any injury that could happen would only really becom an issue when tossing it as hard as you can, which I realize is the point when going for distance. But this event wasn't just about distance, but accuracy as well, being that athletes had to thrown within their designated lanes. So there was strategy involved in how hard athletes actually threw the ball. Notice how most athletes, including Rob Orlando, who threw as hard as they could, had no accuracy and threw outside of their lane leading to a no rep. While athletes like Blair Morrison and Michelle Kinney, who had two of the furthest throws, seemed to be unaffected by their throws as they have both been in 4th place at some point in the competition after the event. Barry as for your fat teammates being able to throw a ball far, you are confusing fitness and athleticism. I know nothing about sports, but look at Babe Ruth. Amazing athlete and totally fat. On the other side of the coin, I bet if you took any of the 50 or so competiors from the games and put them on a tennis court, they would not be able to return, let alone hit a 120 mph serve from Raphael Nadal. Sure their Fran time would be faster, but that doesn't make them a good athlete, thus why the CrossFit games proves "The Fittest on earth" not "Athlete of the year" I honestly thought it was a great "curve ball" (pun intended) to throw at te competitors because it did high light the difference between fitness and athleticism. Jason Khalipa, the fittest man from 2008 and Chris Spealler, arguably one of the best crossfitters there is, both threw the ball like girls. It gave other competitors to show they are not only fit, but also have a level of athletic competence.
  6. Donk Reply
    Well said Bryan. I wanted to write something about babe Ruth too but didn't feel like typing anymore on my phone.
  7. Barry Reply
    I understand your point and I think mine has been lost in translation. My point is this, the games are meant to test all of the elements of fitness as defined by Crossfit as a methodology. The person who emerges from that test is deemed to be fittest. Of those elements, which are tested by a softball throw? A person may argue that agility and balance are tested. I respectfully disagree. You need none of these to hurl a softball as far as you can. Anyone can walk off the street and give that a go. It tests nothing. Babe Ruth like most professional baseball players was or is not exactly an athlete. Baseball is arguably the least athletic of the major professional sports. This is a matter of opinion but I mention only to highlight the contradiction in your argument Bryan. You point out that I may be confusing athleticism and fitness and that the games crown the fittest on the planet and not the athlete of the year but then you say the throwing event was a great test of athletic competence. Mixed analogies aside, I think a softball toss is a test of neither fitness nor athleticism and again, in my opinion, brought the games, for that brief moment, to the level of a carnival game.
  8. Nick Reply
    The softball throw was BS...seriously, you assemble a group of temondously fit athletes to compete their pants off and you have them throw a softball? I think beer pong would have been an equal test of accuracy (and more entertaining). I understand GPP, but I don't think the softball throw capatalized on any of the athletes well-roundedness. Except the one female who obviously played softball. The only thing that portion of the skill event inspired me to do was throw my computer for distance down the hallway. In other news... Congrats to the new champs, Froning and Thorisdottir.
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