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Partner WOD


3 Minutes max rope climbs


4 Minutes max clean & Jerks #135 #95


5 Minutes Max row for calories


** Alternate with your partner for the rope climbs and


clean & jerks in any rep scheme.


** you must split the time of 5 minutes for the row with


your partner for total calories.


** Add total reps with calories to get score.  There is no


break between stations.

  1. Barry Reply
    I agree with your comments yesterday about the swim. After thinking about it more, I am now solidly against the softball throw. My reasoning is simple, it tests nothing. I play softball in a leaue where the majority of men would have thrown the ball exponentially farther then the best athletes in the games. These men are also clinically obese without much athletic ability and more often then not need a pinch runner when they get on base. They are not the fittest in the world. Further, what will it do for the sport of Crossfit? I think it actually hurts. They are making highlight packages for ESPN2 which will create a decent amount of exposure for the sport to people who have no idea what it is. These people may for the first time being seeing Crossfit and they are throwing softballs around. I doubt they will want to watch much of it nor will it motivate any of them to get off the couch and into a box to try it out. I can not comment on any of the other events because I gave up trying to watch since the feed was so bad. Overall though my excitement for the games has withered. I hope tomorrow is better as far as the feed goes. If anything it will keep me from eating the enormous amount of garbage that I have been inundated with. I think my blood sugar ratio is now mostly sugar. No bueno!
  2. carl Reply
    Barristo. It feels like we're going HOllywood to me. Bring back the Ranch.
  3. Brett Reply
    Barry, I agree with you about the softball throw but having watched the rope climb/clean and press wod I think the games are right back on track. The average shmoe watching the games on "the ocho" I mean ESPN 3 (which I realize I dont get) are a bunch of lazy couch potatoes anyway and will never get what crossfit means to us. That said I think that tossing a ball for distance is not only a stupid event but puts the athlete at risk of a stupid injury when they try to throw it out of the stadium and throw a shoulder out or strain a muscle that is underused, all for a non-event. Im hoping for the egg toss event on Sunday. All this while I sit home nursing a torn rotator least I can watch and dream. Coach..I know you would have made us proud.
  4. Rich Reply
    @Barry, I completely agree re the softball throw. I did find it interesting that almost all of the men threw it like a football. Regarding the feed, just wait and watch the archive/jumbotron videos which come thru fine.
  5. Rich Reply
    Coach, Can i get 2 of the men's t-shirts blue/medium.

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