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3 Rounds For Time:


800 meter run (4 laps)


30 OHS #75 #55


15 CTB Pull-ups

  1. carl Reply
    Sarah, Tights, Nick. great work this morning. way to stick with it and finish strong.
  2. tights Reply
    Was really looking forward to a softball throw...
  3. Barry Reply
    My live feed sucks on the games. I assume this is a problem for most since millions are trying to watch at the same time. What I cannot believ is that my two favorite on the men's side are out of the competition already. Orlando DNF on the swim and Mikko blew an eardrum on the swim. It's all about the Speall now. Imagine though, training 51 weeks for a three day event and something crazy happens that eliminates you immediately. I do not think I could handle that mentally.
  4. Rich Reply
    My feed has been real bad too. However, the swim event really goes to what I think is at the heart of CF, being prepared for anything. Guys like Orlando excel at some WODs because of his build, but he suffered when they changed it up. I think them throwing in some crazy swerve is good for the sport.
  5. Donk Reply
    I agree with Rich. My feed is shitty, and this stuff is good for the sport. It was disappointing seeing some of my favorite athletes throw like girls. No offense ladies. I use that as a figure of speach and not a description of athletic ability. I would put any of you up against alot of the men in the finals. Furthermore, we need to start a ball drive to collect alot of balls to send them to Europe. It was clear while watching the mens competition that they must have no balls to throw on that continent.
  6. Dawn Reply
    I can't get any feed at all. Is there a secret to getting it to load up?
  7. Rich Reply
    You can watch the events now on the Jumbotron feature, showing the highlights from today.
  8. Nick Reply
    All I've got is the jumbotron feed! and the archived videos only play sound...dirty sons of bi@#$S

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