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5 Rounds For Time:


5 Power Cleans @bodyweight


5 Bench Press @bodyweight


  1. Barry Reply
    Prediction for WOD one of the games. Coach is in first place. Talk about being in your wheel house.
  2. coach Reply
    can't believe it! Even though the swim is short it will be a factor. it's all about the run sad to say. Chris spealler is my pick for this event.
  3. Jay Reply
    I really have to check the schedule before I come in for a class...I came to the 10am class this morning...only problem is there is no 10am on Thursday...LOL! And it's not the first time I've done that.
  4. BigBob Reply
    Today was a planned day off so I didn't pack any gear. Then I checked the site while at work. Now, after dropping $95 at Dick's for some new UA gear, it's no longer an off day.
  5. Barry Reply
    More events have been announced. There is a softball throw for max distance. Any thoughts on this? I am a bit torn ut am leaning towards the "I think the games just jumped the shark" side of the equation.
  6. Sam Reply
  7. Donk Reply
    I don't think so Barry. Coordination, strength, flexibility, and accuracy. All parts of throwing a softball, and all parts of Crossfit. I would find it hard to believe that anyone in these games has never thown a ball. The games are just progressing beyond the scope of what they have been, which is awesome. Every year the games bring something new to the table, and then we all spend the next year tring to do them. i.e. handstand ring pushups from last year. I'm bringing my glove to the box tonight.
  8. tights Reply
    Maybe they'll hold a slam dunk contest in later rounds.
  9. Donk Reply
    First heat of the games will be all competitors at once, no small heats. This will be epic. Everyone in an all out sprint to the ocean. Can't wait.
  10. Amber Reply
    Just cause it's spmlie doesn't mean it's not super helpful.

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