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For Time:


21 Kb Swings #70 #53


21  Box Jumps #30 #24


50 Yrd Sprint (garage to fence and back)


15 Kb Swings


15 Box Jumps


50 Yrd Sprint


9 Kb Swings


9 Box Jumps


50 Yrd Sprint

  1. tights Reply
    No comments in two days. No comments in two days AND Tabata made it in for the 6AM. Is the board working?
  2. Stretch Reply
    I tried to post earlier but it wouldn't let me. Here was my awesome post. I wanted to know what was harder to wrap my brain around this workout or Barry calling me Tights. I just felt dirty after both
  3. tights Reply
    There we go. Just needed a little kick start.
  4. Barry Reply
    I thought we were going to forget about that Stretch? Does anyone have a couple of paleo kits I can take on my trip? I can pick them up at the box tonight or first thing in the morning. Thanks.
  5. Barry Reply
    Tights - there has been a problem with the CAPTHCHA code for the last few days. I was unable to comment yesterday or this morning. Now I have to put a code in for every comment. Has anyone checked to see if Tabata is OK, I know working out that early in the morning (or at all for that matter) was a bit of shock to his system.
    • Kaeden Reply
      I'm impressed! You've managed the almost impossilbe.
  6. Stretch Reply
    I know Barry i'm sorry, i just went home and kept trying to wash those words away....they just wouldn't go
  7. Benai Reply
    Barry, I have 4 Paleo kits that I can bring in for you for tomorrow. I"ll be at the 6am class.
  8. Barry Reply
    You are my hero Benai, thank you so much. I only need two. See you in the morning.
    • Adele Reply
      You rlealy saved my skin with this information. Thanks!
  9. Donk Reply
    Barry, I have one Paleo kit left that I keep in the left upper inside thigh pocket of my flight suit. It's easily been there for over 8 months. I'd be more than honored to give it to our CFH Paleo King.
  10. Joe Tabata Reply
    You're all lucky I'm going to respect Coach and not tell you how I really feel on his board. And thanks for letting the cobwebs form on my Do Wins. Barry, I thought I had a Paleo kit in my inner thigh pocket as well but I reached in and realized it was just a hole in my pocket. Sorry.
    • Bubbi Reply
      Now I know who the brainy one is, I'll keep loonkig for your posts.
    • Fanny Reply
      Whoa, whoa, get out the way with that good infroamtoin.
  11. Melia Reply
    I really nedeed to find this info, thank God!
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