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 The 5pm class is canceled due to heat advisory  Sorry for the inconvenience.


 3 Rounds For Time:


15 Hang Power Cleans #135 #85


15 Burpees

  1. Barry Reply
    Coach, please have a hose and an ice bath ready for tonights class. I will be scaling "up" with these two elements incorporated into each round.
  2. carl Reply
    Barristo. It was hot at 6am, so you will definitely need to be careful. Awesome job by all this morning, esp considering the heat. Have a great weekend.
  3. Timmy Reply
    Holy Crap that was a humbling workout.
  4. tights Reply
    I don't know what made the 135# Rx crazy heavy today? Was it the 95 degrees and 100% humidity or was it the 135#? Barry, not sure if I'd even attempt the WOD before the sun goes down, the heat was ridiculous. Timmy considered doing the Timmy WOD but didn't want to let his new Wednesday friends down. Timmy may be back later if you confirm the ice bath. Tommy, scale for that is lukewarm bath.
    • Dweezil Reply
      What a joy to find soeomne else who thinks this way.
    • Polly Reply
      Great atrilce, thank you again for writing.
  5. carl Reply
    Tights, maybe it was the competition...
  6. tights Reply
    Just might be Carl. No way I could keep up with Air Force Chris. First he's super fast, then he does his own personal barbell club, now he's fast and strong.
  7. coach Reply
    Sorry guys, The box is reading like 105, I have to shut it down for the rest of the day. I know I know were crossfitters and can work out in anything but seriously take it easy.
  8. Dawn Reply
    good call Coach cuz you know some of us crazy asses would be there! thanks for looking out for us
  9. BigBob Reply
    Working from home today I was actually thinking of driving up for this one. Now I can power clean 16 oz drafts at happy hour. Not a bad trade!
  10. carl Reply
    see you in the a.m.
  11. Barry Reply
    Sitting in the parking lot and I just checked the comments and saw class was cancelled. Am I sick for being completely disappointed? Until 800am, sigh.
  12. Rich Reply
    Glad I checked. I think it is a good call, Coach. Plus it takes our egos out of the equation, because you know some of us were going to show up and then drop dead.
    • Aneisha Reply
      I thought finding this would be so arduous but it's a berzee!
  13. Xantara Reply
    Hey, sulbte must be your middle name. Great post!
  14. Ivalene Reply
    More posts of this qaultiy. Not the usual c***, please
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