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Back Squat  4 X 4


Bench Press 3 X 3


accessory work:  dips/good mornings/kb side bends/planks/farmers carry/ghd sit-ups.

  1. carl Reply
    Nick. good idea about the sprint tri. I haven't biked or swum (swam?) in a long time, but I'd be into it. maybe we can have Tripp on stand by in case I go under.
  2. Bryan Reply
    Nick, I also think I'd be down to give it a try. I haven't swam or biked in years either, but should be fun.
  3. carl Reply
    maybe it's swimmed? check out the main site wod today. wtd pushups. pretty cool.
  4. Timmy Reply
    A very different crew this morning, hope Barry didn't scare anyone off.
  5. Jay Reply
    If I am off and you guys promise to not let me drown, I might give the sprint tri a go!
  6. Stretch Reply
    I wasn't sure i was at the right class this morning. I think the ladies took it over this morning !! Not a bad thing, usually we just stare at each other and make grunting noises while we stretch. Have a field day
  7. coach Reply
    Hey Jay, Just got a bunch of chalk in stop by and pick some up brother.
  8. Dawn Reply
    yay, we chalk junkies can get our fix! ok, me, I can get my chalk fix.
  9. tights Reply
    Darn *&^%#! Strength WOD on my day off. Would have loved to hit biceps or maybe the pec dec, too. Stretch - thanks for the guidance on Mercer Oaks, nice.
  10. Stretch Reply
    Tights, i don't steer wrong. Missed a good strength day me, Timmy and Barry lifted together. Barry made Timmy and i look like we were lifting matchsticks. Nice job today Barry !
  11. Barry Reply
    tights - I hit chest and tri's in your honor today. We all blew up our foundation though. BOOM!
  12. Alison Reply
    Well, for all of the "morning boyz" chatter on this site, I was expecting to see something close to a drunken frat party with a few back squats thrown in. Unfortunately, I only found a great bunch of people who worked out hard and would have stayed 2 hours longer if they could have! Nothing like I expected. What a disappointment.
  13. Timmy Reply
    Well I for one am embarrassed. I must concede that we were in rare form this morning, in that we were actually on good behavior. Granted it was much akin to a grade school dance were the boys were on one side of the box and the girls on the other. I offer my sincerest apologies to the visitors of the morning crew. Should you choose to return I hope that we can be better.
  14. Jay Reply
    Will do Dave. Thanks!

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