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For The Members By The Coaches!!  Coming in

August We will be having a seminar for the members

and athletes of CFH.  Topics discussed will be

programming, nutrition, good crossfit vs. bad

crossfit,  schedule, team and specialty classes, injury

 prevention and longevity with our sport.  Most of all

the main purpose of this meeting is to answer your

questions about these topics and anything else you

want to talk about. 

Hosted by:  Coach Dave, Coach Nick, Barry Petersen


Amrap 12 minutes.


15 Power Cleans #95 #65


15 Med Ball Sit-ups #20 #15


** Hold med ball on top of chest and perform a sit-up.


  1. Tripp Reply
    Dear Donk, It has been approved by the Senior guard and the 14th street staff that a fly by aka "buzz the tower" is imperative this after noon around 12:03pm. Thank you for your time.
  2. carl Reply
    Negative, ghost rider. The pattern is full.
  3. BigBob Reply
    A group seminar is a damn good idea! Will there be beer or do we bring our own?
  4. Danielle Reply
    Sounds great, Coach! Looking forward to some new knowledge :)
  5. donk Reply
    Would have been there trippers if I would have checked the board before 4:30. Maybe next week.
  6. Nick Reply
    Anyone interested in doing a sprint triathlon in Long Branch on 8/13? Donk and I did it last year, 300 yd ocean swim, 10 mi bike and 3 mi run. Let's get a CFH crew out there!

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