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5 Rounds For Time:


5 Split Jerks ( From the ground and Unbroken ).


400 Meter Run


**  Increase the weight each round.  Add total weight

and time.

  1. Barry Reply
    Way to go morning jerks. Especially you Timmy, way to stay out of the bathroom.
  2. Stretch Reply
    "ok everybody get in a circle and we're going to practice our jerks" How many times you think Timmy has heard that line
  3. Barry Reply
    Stretch coming out of the box strong
  4. Timmy Reply
    I don't know what you're talking about
  5. Bryan Reply
    Sincere apologies to the 10 am class. Thank you ladies for being patient and waiting. Way to crush the work out also! Dave, sorry about the mix up, brain fart on my part.
  6. Dawn Reply
    Coach,I got my FIRST muscle up!!!! very exciting....missed on the second attempt, but I got one!! next goal...2 MUs. Congrats Sam for getting your first and second and third...
  7. Barry Reply
    Way to go Dawn and Sam!
    • Rich Reply
      Yeah! I witnessed this. Awesome job, Dawn and Sammy.
  8. Jules Reply
    Dawn and Sam congrats again!! awesome! Hopefully I can join ur team soon;)

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