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New schedule and programming meeting @ CFH.  Starting in September we will be updating the schedule.  Also I wanted to ask any members or coaches if you are interested in a meeting with me discussing programming, good crossfit vs. bad crossfit, and my plans for our upcoming strength and team training.  I have alot I want to discuss with you guys so if anyone is interested let me know and we’ll set a date.


A1.  Deadlift 5 RM


A2.  Back Ext 2 X 15-20


A3.  400 Meter Sprints (2 laps) @2min rest x 4

  1. carl Reply
    Sounds good, Coach. Count me in.
  2. Barry Reply
    I am in. Just let me know when.
  3. Dawn Reply
    awesome...count me in too
  4. Stretch Reply
    I'm in too. And Tommy, from yesterday, that was maybe the best line ever !!!!
  5. Jen Reply
    I'm in too!
  6. Timmy Reply
    Coach, I left this months payment on your desk, please just let me know you got it.
  7. Margo Reply
    Patty, I left an envelope with the flash drive of pics in your folder. Have fun showing them off to your family!
  8. BigBob Reply
    Coach Dave, I'm in. Just let me know when.
  9. Patty Hensler Reply
    Margo, thank you. Now maybe my brother's will believe I really did TM. Thx. Coach- I'm in for a meeting just let me know when. As always thanks for your commitment to us!!
  10. donk Reply
    Im in for the meeting. We should have some meat and beer there too.
  11. tights Reply
    Coach - count me in for the meeting. If possible, can you keep the 6AM class in the new schedule? It's the only class I can make regularly AND it's probably best to keep the morning crew away from everbody else....
  12. Timmy Reply
    Coach I second Tight's request. My mornings are the only parts of the day I can really control, and it probably is best to keep us away from everyone else. Also, count me in for the meeting.
  13. coach Reply
    Timmy I got the check thank you and don't worry boyz the 6am is not goin anywhere. Donk, I think it's a good idea, god knows what I'll be talkin about after 5 beers.
  14. Stretch Reply
    Coach - Good to see the 6am staying, most of the Morning Crew are not allowed out at night for fear of contamination
  15. Barry Reply
    Just in case anyone ever thinks to themself, that 600am crew can not be that bad, let me confirm for you. It is that bad and arguably worse. I encourage everyone to experience it once before they leave this world. Should be on everyone's bucket list.
  16. Matt Reply
    6am is interesting for a multitude of reasons... The nicknames, the early hour and the guinea pig mentality that comes along with doing the wod before anyone else. Oh yea, and tabata. Count me in for the meeting.
  17. Timmy Reply
    Well said Barry, there is something inherently off about all Crossfitters, but those of us who decide to take part in said activity sometimes before the sun comes up well that's an entirely different story all together. I caution everyone, attend at your own risk!
  18. tights Reply
    Wait just a minute. When I started CF in the 6AM class, Tabata told me "this is what CrossFit is all about". Then he called me Foghorn Leghorn which must be some arcane reference to my well developed legs. Are you guys telling me that he was joking? Next your gonna tell me his name isn't really Joe Tabata. What's next, Tripp isn't really "Tripp" either?
  19. Timmy Reply
    Somebody has to undo it! Tights' sence of reality is about to fall apart.
  20. Rich Reply
    Coach, I'm very interest in attending this meeting. On the practical side, my wish-list includes some later classes during the week and more open gym times. I would love to be able to come in at an off time and work on form, try movements, etc. Thanks.
  21. Barry Reply
    Tripp is Tripp tights, just keep chanting that until all the bad stuff goes away. On another note, where in the world is Ryan Bonanni and John Broyles?
  22. some guy Reply
    Tights, It's all make believe brother, there is no Trip, Stretch, or Tabata. Fuckin coach Dave doesn't even exist, just some random dude who hangs out there all the time. Actually heard the real owner sold the place for 200 bucks cash. Place is actually closed but no one told the morning crew yet. Poor crazy bastards.
  23. Alison Reply
    Count me in for the meeting too. Thank you!
  24. Nick Reply
    You know I'm in for the programming meeting. Can't wait to get the ball rolling for this fall's training. Tights, his name is Robert Paulson...
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