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” Fight Gone Bad “


3 Rounds For Total Reps.


Wall Ball




Box Jump


Push Press




** Mens #75 Womens #55

  1. carl Reply
    nice work, Morning Boyz.
  2. Brett Reply
    Just the mention of FGB makes me miss CFH that much more... :-(
  3. tights Reply
    Did anyone catch the plates of the truck that ran over the morning crew? I only got the first three letters, F G B.....
  4. Stretch Reply
    Definitely. did you see Timmy just destroy those BJ's this morning, never seen anything like it !!
  5. Barry Reply
    I really do not even know where to begin with that comment Stretch. Where is Tabata when you need him?
  6. Stretch Reply
    Barry, all i know is he said he wanted to start with BJ's. went into the bathroom, and then came out 15 minutes later ready to tackle the box jumps. I only call them as i see them
  7. Tom Reply
    Coach, sorry but I'm not doing BJs. Can you let me know what the scale for that is please? If it's HJs then I'll probably just skip tonights workout.
  8. Timmy Reply
    Stretch What the heck did you guys talk about after I left? I've got nothing
  9. Stretch Reply
    Timmy i think you missed the conversation, i think you were "warming up"
  10. Jumper Reply
    I can tell I've been away too long already... Morning crew you are out of control!!
  11. Timmy Reply
    And we wonder why we scare people off
  12. Barry Reply
    Tommy, you win dude. That cracked me up. What's the scale for that....haaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. Barry Reply
    Who needs Tabata, the morning crew has it covered. Way to light the fire stretch.
  14. Matt Reply
    The scale for bj's is hj's.... Hahahah sad I missed that mess this am.

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