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What We Can Learn From Olympians

This is something we talk about a lot; in CrossFit, to see the best of the best make it look so easy, and if we try hard enough, and want it that bad, we can achieve success – yet not a lot are willing to take the time to be patient and understand that if you’re not the top 1-2% genetically, it takes years of consistency, not a “cycle” or a new blog, continuously changing your program and your focus, but years of hard work! – understand and make the commitment!!


For The Girls


Always A Fire


Max Effort: Unstable Bench Press 1 RM

Superset: Barbell Row 3 X 8-10/Band Pull-Aparts 3 X 12

Conditioning: For Time

1 up to 10 reps of Burpees

10 down to 1 of Pull-ups

For Example: (1-10)-(2-9)-(3-8) ect.

  1. Dawn Reply
    great videos and article today!
  2. hamilton Reply
    Thanks Dawn, it's still a work in progress but starting to catch up with the blog now!!

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