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” Scaling”

Making sure you are scaling properly is the biggest game changer in wods.  When the wod is written on the board, everything from the rounds and reps, to the weight and movement or skill can be scaled to provide you with the best possible workout.  To scale properly with wods communicate with your coach and together decide what’s best for you.  Please understand that with our great coaches that we have at CFH they all have different styles and each might recommend a different scaling option, but this is a good thing and will only improve your knowledge and skills as an athlete.  Remember no matter what class your in or what coach your working with your always welcome to use any substitute or scaling option that your comfortable with.   Scaling a wod or movement to much or to little as far as intensity, volume, or load is the one thing I feel people struggle with the most.  Keep in mind that the entire workout is prescribed and should be a consideration for scaling not just lowering or raising the weight.  In my experience most athletes are forced to scale because of the volume or total repetitions of the movement or wod not weight or load.  Working on and progressing at the movements or skills is how we get better at CrossFit, and as an athlete.  Your not just there to burn calories that’s just an additional benefit to all that crossfit has to offer.  So if you can climb a rope, do a hand stand push-up or pull-up without a band, or if your strong enough to lift the prescribed weight for that day, but there’s to many rounds or repetitions scale the workout properly and change the game!!  You want to finish each wod knowing that you have progressed, and your becoming more fit as an athlete.  Be better then yesterday.


For Time:


Deadlift #225 #155

Wall Ball Shots #20 #14


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