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Yoga Tonight With Leslie @ 6:30pm.  $10, $15 non member.


This is a bit of info from Optimum Training Perfromances.

James Fitzgerald, owner of OPT talks about using this with multiple sessions in a day.  For typical crossfit workouts this would probably not be needed, but if your doing longer endurance bouts of 45 minutes or more and are competing in crossfit and doing up to 2 wods a day this might be something to look into.   

Been testing these out; tried a few over the summer with the heat here for multiple sessions and just basic hydration; good stuff if you can get your hands on it.

That sense of fogginess b/t 2 tough sessions due to hydration – where there are not possibly enough carbs to do the trick CAN be hydration at the cellular level based on how intense the sessions are; pop one in 1L of water in b/t sessions to sip on does the trick.

(we make no money off this)


5 Rounds For Time:

400 Meter Run

3 Rope Climbs #15FT

6 Wall Walks

9 Alternating Split Snatches #115 #85 


  1. Joey Reply
    This Nuun product is not bad. I was using it about a year ago and it really helped with recovery and hydration.
  2. Dawn Reply
    Missin me some yoga - I hope to be back next week Leslie!
  3. Dawn Reply
    Missin me some crossfit too! : <
  4. Leslie Cortina Reply
    DAWN! I was wondering where you were...missing you too! The number of Crossfit yogis is growing and tonight we were all working on tucking a foot behind our heads! NOT!
  5. hamilton Reply
    Dawn, CFH is not the same when your not around!! Don't worry yoga isn't going anywhere, great class tonight Leslie!!

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