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Yoga Tonight @ 6:30pm


For time

15 Thruster #135 #95

200 Meter Run

20 Thruster #115 #85

400 Meter Run

30 Thruster #95 #65

800 Meter Run


  1. Joey Reply
    Yoga was really good tonight. Leslie was very patient with my rookie self and helped me along the way. The end was result was fantastic, pretty much in a state of pure relaxation. Much different from my normal self of high energy and always moving. It was very nice to dedicate an hour to this. Hope to see more faces next Tuesday. Thanks Leslie!!!
    • Danielle Reply
      That sounds awesome Joey! I'm sorry to have missed it tonight. I definitely want to try to get there next week! Sorry Leslie!
  2. Leslie Cortina Reply
    Joe-thanks so much for the positive feedback. Everyone leaves a yoga class transformed in some way-ESPECIALLY high energy people. It catches you by surprise, no doubt. You, Melo, Dawn and Aulaire did a fabulous job tonight and I hope it becomes a Tuesday routine for all of you (and more of you as the weeks progress, I hope!) I also want to say how special it is for me to be able to give back to my coaches when it comes to Tuesday nights. I owe so much to you all and it is my pleasure to help you all relax and become more flexible, as you have all helped me to become stronger and more fit. Oh-and Joe, YES you are now officially a yogi! :)

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