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The 4:30pm class is cancelled today!!!  The 6pm is still on.

Saturday’s classes are cancelled for this week.  Most of our coaches will be away, sorry for any inconvenience.

Coaching Staff!!!   As you probably already realized unless your that member who never comes in, CFH has grown as a coaching staff and I just want to say how lucky I am to have these guys on the team.  It took us a while but the wait was worth it because we have some great coaches with a lot of experience to back it up.  So a big thank you to Nick, Carl, Joey, Greg, and our newest member who I’m really excited to have on our team Carmelo!!  Thanks guys!!! 


Amrap 20 Minutes.

Row 250 Meters

7 Push-ups

7 Sit-ups

** Add 7 push-ups and 7 sit-ups each round (Rd. 2 =14 push-ups and sit-ups, Rd. 3 = 21 push-ups and sit-ups, ect.)

  1. carl Reply
    thanks, Coach. proud to serve in such fine company.
  2. Dawn Reply
    LOVE our coaches!
  3. Melo Reply
    Proud to be part of this Incredible Journey....
  4. Joey Dill Reply
    Happy to be surrounded by a great group of people!
  5. Debbie Migneco Reply
    Happy to hear this great news, and congrats to all the CFH coaching staff! Looking forward to my return in Sept. - miss my group and am so happy to hear that Melo is "official" now!! Awesome news!! See ya in 2 weeks! Deb

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