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Hey everyone Leslie is back!!  Leslie will coaching and programming a yoga session on Tuesday’s at CFH.  After getting some great feedback on the class I’m very excited to have Leslie back and part of our CFH team.  We will be offering the class on Tuesday’s either in the morning around 7ish or at night at 6:30.  Please post to comments section if your interested and what time would work best for you.


Amrap 30 Minutes

In Teams of 3

Row 500 Meters

Max Reps Front Squats #135 #95

Max Distance Sled Pull

** Each team member at a station, rotate every 500 meter row.

  1. Sarah J Reply
    I'd love the 6:30 pm class. I could use a good yoga class. Welcome back Leslie. Looking forward to the WOD tomorrow!
  2. Carl Reply
    7am-ish is great for me on Tuesdays.
  3. Paula Reply
    I would love to come for either time on Tuesdays! Will the per class fee be the same as in the past?
  4. Rich Reply
    The evening class would work best for Lindsay and myself.

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