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WOD – 7/30/12

A big congratulations to Matt Dailor for completing the Lake Placid Iron Man. Battling extreme cramps in his legs about 60 miles into the bike, and having to stop and stretch at times Matt finished the amazing event in 15:29:15. He has worked incredibly hard and all the training paid off. Way to go Iron Matt!!

Team Training starts at 7pm tonight. The facebook page should be up so you can go on and check out the wod.

Back Squat 1-1-1-1-1-1-1

** This can be high or low bar, above or below parallel box squat.

  1. Ron Reply
    Congrats Iron Matt! That is an awesome accomplishment!
  2. Dawn Reply
    Congratulations Iron Matt! Great accomplishment!
  3. Carl Reply
    awesome, Matt. what a great accomplishment! well worth all the hard work and sacrifices (except maybe hanging out with me at 6am). I'm proud of you, brother.
  4. Barry Reply
    Iron Matt! Way to get it done. Congrats!
  5. Jen Reply
    Awesome Matt!
  6. Joey Reply
    Way to go Matt!! Looking forward to seeing you buddy!
  7. Stretch Reply
    Just awesome Matt !!! Congratulations !!!!
  8. Margo Reply
    Wow way to go Matt! Your mental and physical strength and dedication is admirable!
  9. Matt Reply
    Thanks everyone! It was worth every second of the training. Thanks for all the encouragement these last few months. See you guys soon!
  10. Alison Reply
    Congratulations Matt! It is always a pleasure to work out with someone as dedicated as you! I finally did look up the schedule for televised weightlifting programming and this is what I found: Tuesday, 7/31: men 69kg and women 63kg on at 5:30pm on MSNBC Friday, 8/3: women 75kg gold medal final 2pm men 84kg final gold on at 3pm MSNBC Saturday, 8/4: men 94 kg gold medal final at 4:15 on MSNBC Sunday, 8/5: women super heavyweight 3:30pm on NBCSN Monday, 8/6: men 105 kg gold medal final 4:45pm on NBCSN

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