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Competition Team update!!  Team training starts this Monday!!  If you did not make the meeting, talk to me face to face, or contact me through email about the team training you must do this before Monday!!  This is not a class, and there is a prerequisite for this program.  Just to be clear, this is a 7 month grueling, and intense training program that at times will be very tough both mentally and physically, with the focus being on the competition side of CrossFit.  The commitment level is high for this program so I want everyone to be on the same page come Monday.  We are working on developing a separate facebook page dedicated to the team where you can log on, see the workouts, discuss the movements, see demo and instructional videos and chat with other athletes.  You will use the site to post your scores, weights, and comments.  This is crucial so if you don’t have facebook you better know someone that does so they can put your numbers in.  Get prepared to record, and track everything!  If you think you won’t be able to be consistent with this training, meaning if you think your gonna pop in on a session Wednesday night and miss the rest of the week forget it!!    You will not only be wasting your time but the time of others as well.   Now that we have gotten that out of the way I did a sample of what one of the training sessions would look like yesterday.  The entire session took 70 minutes including the warmup( my usual 22 minute old man routine, don’t judge!).  The pace of these workouts are very important and should be completed in no more then 80 to 90 minutes, with both days 3 and 4 being closer to an hour.  The success of some of these sessions depend highly on the pace so if you fuck around it’s a complete waste of time and it’s on you.  Here are a couple of rules that I would like you guys to be aware of come Monday to help keep the process smooth.



1.  If your training after a scheduled class please wait until the current class is finished there workout and they are off the floor.


2.  Along with the cubbies, I have cleared out bench number #1 so keep all bags off the floor we need the space, and during a session moving bags is a distraction and takes up time.  Also if your keeping your weightlifitng shoes at the gym put them together with the other weightlifting shoes, you don’t need your own cubbie for a pair of shoes.


3.  Even though there will be no structured coaching we will still have all different levels of fitness training at one time and were a team, so everyone has to participate and be involved with helping each other out.  If you see someone making a mistake please help them.  


4.  I have never had a problem with you coming in late, we all know I’m late pretty much everyday, however if your late your late, it’s on you to make up the work.  Like I said before this is not a regular class and once training is over I will not be hanging around for you to get those last couple power cleans in.


5.  You must bring 2 things with you every time you come in to train, consistency and focus.  Without either of them and you will be exposed!


These are 5 things that want everyone to please try and follow throughout the training.  I’m really looking forward to training with all of you and hope that you’re as excited as I am.  Can’t wait for Monday!!


3 Rounds For Time

7 Hang Power Cleans #225 #145

14 Hand Stand Push-ups

21 Double Unders  

  1. Joey Reply
    Ready for some big results for everyone involved!
  2. Carl Reply
    sounds good, Coach. looking forward to it.
  3. Dawn Reply
    and tomorrow it excited for the journey! I think...hahaha
  4. Timmy OD Reply
    Looks like you guys all have your work cut out for you! I wish you the best of luck. Hope the morning crew is still as crazy as ever!

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