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I want to thank everyone who came out for the

Competition Team meeting last night it was a

great turnout.  I know it went a little long, and

at times I was rambling a bit, but I appreciate

you guys taking the time out of your schedules 

to hang out.   Please post to comments section

or start communicating at the gym on which

days and times your able to train.  As of right

now the schedule is as follows. 

Monday 7pm, Wednesday 6:30, Friday 6pm,

Saturday 12noon.

Remember if you can’t make these scheduled

days or times, you can still follow the program

and find a partner or group to train with that

works with your schedule.  Coaching and guidence

will be available for you during the entire program. 

Whatever your goals are with this program and for the

year lets go after them together!!



Box Jump #24 #20

Db Weighted Sit-up #45 #30

**  Hold a single Db high across the chest with

arms over top.   

  1. Sam Reply
    Dave, first off great meeting very informative and inspiring, thank you from all of us for taking your time to think out and put together a program, plan and strategy, that I feel WILL bring all of us to a new level, and to a place, that with out this guidance I would not even have the chance achieve.. Well Done.. Sam (aka Hama) "ninja terminator" lol..lets not let the wheels fall off until the time is right....
  2. Joey (Hamma's neglected son) Reply
    Well said, Dave and Hamma. Last nights attendance was awesome. Just goes to show how much we all want to get to that next level. Cannot wait for what this year brings. Time to go HAM... Hard as a mothaaafucka!
  3. Linda Cuilla Reply
    Thank you tall Rich for telling me my face was covered in black from the dumb bells and sweat.I was a hot mess.
  4. Rich Reply
    Linda, does that make me "Short Rich"?
  5. Rich Reply
    I'm disappointed that I missed the meeting. Looking forward to the training. Lord knows I need it.
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