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Competition Team Meeting Tonight @ 6:30pm.    

If you have any interest in competing in  

local CrossFit comps, preparing and training

for the 2013 CrossFit Open or you simply want

to upgrade your fitness this is for you.  If you

are interested and cannot attend please contact

me for more information.  If you have already

contacted me I will be emailing you after the

meeting with further information.Team training

and programming starts Monday the 30th.


Partner WOD

P1 Works/P2 Rests.  Alternate for rounds and reps.

5 X 200 Meter Sprints (10 total)

5 X 30 Seconds FLR on Rings ( 10 total)

150 Wall Ball Shots 

100 KB Front Rack Lunges #53 #35 



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