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Competition team meeting this Wednesday at

6:30pm.  If you have any interest in competing in

local CrossFit comps, preparing and training for

the 2013 CrossFit Open or you simply want to

upgrade your fitness this is for you.  If you are

interested and cannot attend please contact me

for more information.  Team training and

programming starts Monday the 30th.


10/8/6/4/2 Reps of

Deadlift 1  1/2 Bodyweight

Push Press 3/4 Bodyweight

Clean 3/4 Bodyweight

5/4/3/2/1 Reps in between of

Muscle Ups

**  For Example, 10 DL’s, 10 PP, 10 Cleans, 5 MU’S. 

Then 8,8,8,4 and so on.

  1. Barry Reply
    That was fun. Huge class for 600am this morning which was cool too. If anyone needs me I will be under my desk quivering all day.
  2. jane Reply
    Today's wod, in a word, humbling. Glad no one was there to see me go it alone. Awesome to see some new faces at 6 a.m. and everyone's help on logistics was much appreciated. Way to get some serious work done. Coach. I'm interested in competitions if old guys are allowed. Thanks for suggesting the sleeve. helped a lot today.
  3. Stretch Reply
    um..Carl might want to check your name there buddy
  4. Barry Reply
    Dear Jane, you are not an old guy, only married to one.
  5. carl Reply
    ok, ok, so I made a mistake. I'm still foggy from the wod. Coach, forgot to mention that I have an appt at 7pm tomorrow evening so won't be able to make the meeting.
  6. Dawn Reply
    thought Jane was losing it there for a sec.

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