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T-Shirts are in!!!  They will be at the box on Friday. 

 This is 1 of 2 orders so we only have a limited

amount.  Be sure to stop in and get your new gear.


There will be PVC testing all week guys just going

over the 9 fundamental movements of Crossfit.  The

 coaches want to see efficiency of the movements.


A1.  Wed. athletes row for 10 minutes @ 75% (recovery)


A1.  Athletes that did not train on Wed. work on gymnastic skills for 10 minutes.


A2.  3 stations/3 Rounds.


        1 minute max reps.  Wall Ball Shot #20 #15


        1 minute max reps.  Sit-ups


        1 minute max reps.  Burpee Box Jumps #20 #14


        1 minute rest at the end of each round.

  1. Jumper Reply
    I'm a bit afraid to ask this... I think there is an off chance I can make it tonight. Can I do yesterday's WOD?
    • Dawn Reply
      it was a good one Jumper!
  2. coach Reply
    Jumper, Coach Nick will be in tonight. Just let him know and he'll set you up.
  3. Jumper Reply
    Thanks Dave. Appreciate it.
  4. Barry Reply
  5. Danielle Reply
    Hey Coach- I'd like to do yesterdays WOD and today's WOD, both "for time" please. Thanks. Jumper, please try leave me some room when you set up. HAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH! I'm sorry, I needed some comic relief :) Margo, save me a foam roller! I'm really sore from missing so many WODs this week. Yikes. This is not going to be pretty.
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