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Amrap 3 Minutes.

Snatch #135 #95

Rest 5 Minutes.

Amrap 3 Minutes.

15 Cleans #135 #95

15 Ring Dips

Rest 5 Minutes.

Amrap 3 Minutes.

15 Deadlifts #135 #95

15 Double Unders

  1. carl Reply
    Check out the Kelly Starrett "Fran" WOD Demo on the mainsite today. So much wisdom imparted in so little time. great stuff.
  2. carl Reply
    okay. so I tried to let it go, but I just can't. There's no way Camille's Fran pullups were legal. I just watched the video of it again and there's plenty of daylight between her chin and the bar on a lot of those reps.
  3. Barry Reply
    Carl - Camille has not done a legit pull up in two years. However, I will never complain about Camille.
  4. Donk Reply
    DON'T YOU EVER TALK ABOBUT MY CAMI LIKE THAT CARL!!!!!But I completely agree with you. Watching it live it was east to see she wasn't clearing the bar on half her pullups. I blame the jugges position. They need to be eye level with the bar to see. The community has been saying this whole year that you need to blur the line between form and speed if you want to win and I think that is what she was doing. Obviously they were wrong as Anni T, Foucher, and Froning have the best, most consitent form to date. They are also suerhuman, but I think they proved that consistent form will beat all out speed on ost days.
  5. Joey Reply
    Should have been multiple no reps.. especially on the ring dips!I do love watching Camille as she does her butterfly kip whereas I love watching Julie Foucher at all times.
  6. carl Reply
    I feel as if I'm in AA or something, but I've been holding that in since the Open when they gave her the W.R. She's a great athlete, but without consistent standards from the top down, we're all screwed. (Joey, my top secret goal is to discredit Camille so Julie gets more attention. jk)

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