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This wod is to be completed at the back of the lot near

the wooden fence that is parallel with Route #130.

2 Rounds

Broad Jump 50 meters (After every 3 broad jumps

perform 3 burpees)

450 Meter Run ( 2 1/2 laps )

30 Front Squats #95 #65

** The 50 meters starts from the grass line and runs

parallel with #130 to the stop sign in the back corner of

the building.  After completing the 50 meter broad jump,

start your 400 meter run from the stop sign for a full 2  

1/2 laps.  The 400 meter run ends inside the gym where

you will complete your 30 front squats.  After the front

squats head back out to the starting point for the broad

jumps and to complete your 2nd round. 

  1. Kathy Reply
    I loved this WOD! (and not just because it was my FIRST one Rx'd!) Thanks for all the encouragement this morning too!
  2. Joey Reply
    Nice job, Kathy! Such a good feeling!
  3. Barry Reply
    Julie Foucher That is all.
  4. Linda Cuilla Reply
    Awesome Kathy! This certainly was a tough one today. I rx'd for the first time last week. I was on cloud nine for the entire day. Way to go.

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