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On the min, every min, until 30 Muscle Ups are


20 Double Unders

Max Muscle Ups

**  This is courtesy of Coach Greg.  You can perform this

wod with a partner or if your brave enough you can go at

it alone.

  1. Barry Reply
    Morning crew got work done this morning. Great job everyone. Especially Andrew. Your tenacity was inspiring. Greg, I assume I will be nodding off at my desk all day after that workout. I will have to bill you for each hour I sleep. Please forward your address.
  2. Barry Reply
    FYI, they announced a new event for the Games last night. The Games will actually start on Wed. for individuals at Camp Pendelton with three events including a mini tri, a bracketed tournament style competition on the obstacle course, and a standing broad jump. Boom
  3. Andrew Reply
    Big thanks to everyone in the morning class. This was not my favorite but with everyone's encouragement it got done.
  4. Dawn Reply
    how crazy is that how they added another day?! Not just an event, but a full day. Crazy!

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