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For Time:


25 Deadlifts #275 #205


50 CTB Pull-ups


100 KBS #53 #35

  1. Joe Tabata Reply
    Way to go tights!! We're going to rename you d-bag.
  2. Jumper Reply
    Oh tights, let me know how you feel after those 50 CTB pull ups! Love this WOD, sorry I'm missing it.
  3. Timmy Reply
    First, I would like to thank Tights for poking the bear and inspiring coach this morning. Holy Crap, I didn't want to use my arms that much today anyway. Jumper where's your jumping thing this weekend I'm thinking about checking it out on Saturday.
  4. Stretch Reply
    I as well would like to thank Tights, i had trouble lifting my arms to shave after this WOD. Jumper i saved the paper for you, i'll hold it until you get back.
  5. BigBob Reply
    This is beautiful! And I mean it literally!
  6. Barry Reply
    Donk re: yesterday, Three Amigos. Sorry for the delay, I only just looked at it now. I could still never replace Brett.
  7. Barry Reply
    anyone have a good recomendation for a roofing contractor?
  8. Nick C Reply
    Barry..... I have the opposite of a good recomendation. I will tell you who NOT to contract with -- MAK Roofing. The head honcho is a creep and a crook. I had a real nightmare with the guy. Altough the work was great, it took months and several fights over the invoices to finally get the job finished. With that said, good luck.
  9. Jumper Reply
    Timmy-I'm not showing sat but there is a good class to watch that afternoon around 2:00. Sunday I'm doing thr grand prix also goes around 2:00.
  10. hamilton Reply
    T-shirts are here and they are totally awesome!!!!! I will get them to the gym asap. Hopefully before the weekend... -Katye
  11. coach Reply
    Katye my phone is dead call you when I get to the shore.
    • Janais Reply
      Wow, this is in every respect what I ndeeed to know.
  12. massage Reply
    Haha, I honestly liked your site, it's always with my bookmarks. I reckon my site you might as it too.
  13. Adult communities delaware Reply
    I want to thank Peter Graves for coming to Ojai and personally Id like to thank him for signing my rubber grasshopper. I enjoyed his dry sense of humor , his funny comment on enjoying his cigarettes, each and every one and his choice of movies to screen, Airplane. I hope he comes back!
  14. amazing videos Reply
    i really never thinking about that point. but also im a real newbie about that
    • Artie Reply
      Just what the doctor ordered, thainkty you!
  15. Torie Reply
    Hats off to whoever wrote this up and psetod it.
  16. Raynes Reply
    There's nohtnig like the relief of finding what you're looking for.

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