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Programming for week 9-14

Mon.  Weightlifting

Tues.  Metcon/Gymnastic

Wed.  Weightlifting/Metcon/Gymnastic

Thurs.  Metcon

Fri.  Gymnastic/weightlifting

Sat.  Metcon/Gymnastic/Weightlifting

With a continuously running clock for 30 minutes.

A1. 10 Mins. to establish a 3 RM Push Press.

A2. 10 Mins. to establish a 2 RM Power Clean + Jerk

A3. 10 Mins. to establish a 1 RM Overhead Squat.

  1. Keane Reply
    Great to meet everyone this evening! I look forward to working out with everyone for the next few weeks. 3RM Push Press: 215# 3 RM C&J: 225# 1RM Overhead Squat: 205#
  2. Joey Reply
    killer night classes tonight! Nice teaming up with you, Keane!

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