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” Tyler “

5 Rounds For Time

7 Muscle Up

21 SDHP #95 #65

  1. Stretch Reply
    Good Luck to all who will take this WOD on during the heat of the day. Good luck all and be safe this one is a beast
  2. Barry Reply
    Gonna be a long day in the office. I am crushed.
  3. Stretch Reply
    I have been occasionally twitching, i think my nervous system took a beating this morning
  4. Linda Cuilla Reply
    Oh boo - I went last night instead cuz I just couldn't get up early again this morning. Now I'm mad I missed it.
  5. Joey Reply
    Why not come tonight, Linda?! Looks like a fun challenging wod.. Barry and Stretch both troopers making it out to the 6am to tackle this
  6. craig Reply
    It was a challenge today, but if we didnt love challenges we would all be wasting ourin time on the hampster wheel at LA Fitness and not crossfitters.

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