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CrossFit Hamilton’s Olympic Hopeful Annick Lamar!

Coverage from the Trenton Times.  Click below.

World-class runner from Hamilton strides towards

Olympic Trials.

In Teams of 2 Complete:

40-30-20 Reps of:

Clean & Jerk #135 #95

Double Kb Front Rack Lunge #35 #26

Double Unders

**  Only one team member working at a time for

the clean & jerks and lunges.  For the double

unders both team members can work at the

same time but must complete total reps

individually.  Both team members must complete

the double unders before advancing to the next

movement.  Add 20/15/10 reps to each round for

teams of 3.


Kettlebell Lunge Demo.  This can be done with

both forward and reverse lunges.




  1. Joey Reply
    Way to go, Annick. Representing!
  2. Carl Reply
    great story, Annick. best of luck as you pursue your dream.
  3. Danielle Reply
    Great article! Keep going Annick, we are all rooting for you!
  4. Linda Cuilla Reply
    Awesome Article - So proud of you!
  5. Dave Reply
    Very inspiring Annick!! Wish you all the best!!
  6. Melo Reply
    Best wishes Annick, motivational for us all!
  7. Jen Reply
    So awesome Annick!

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